Cabinet Locks - - UNICAN
Cabinet locks use the same proven combination system as our other pushbutton access controls, and are designed specifically for cabinet doors, desk drawers and similar applications.

Cabinet locks are ideal for use in many places including medicine chests, liquor cabinets, gun boxes, courier pick-up boxes, home entertainment units, cleaning supply cabinets, audio-visual cabinets, petty cash drawers, etc.

You can install these locks in a horizontal or vertical position, and models are available for wood or sheet metal applications.

The C9600 Series has been specially developed for stand-alone use on wood cabinet doors.  The attractive, easy-grip hexagon knob functions as a "pull" to open the door- no other hardware is needed.  The C9600 Series is available in deadbolt and spring-latch models.



FG10 Series File Guard
FileGuard is ideal for turning an ordinary filing cabinet into a security cabinet.  Its steel channel bar and steel mounting bolts ensure maximum security for confidential, classified and secret documents.  The pushbutton combination lock provides quick, easy and convenient day to day use, and frees you from the high cost of key control.

FileGuard eliminates key control problems and makes an inexpensive one-time investment for long term security.

  • Heavy-duty steel channel bar and
    mounting bolts.
  • Changeable combination (FG10 Series only)
  • Scuff and scratch resistant protection through durable baked enamel finish. 



Unican Mechanical Locksets - (6000, 7000 series)
The 6000 Series primary lockset provides the same high-security access control as the 1000 series; however, it is streamlined for residential or light commercial use. Ideal for front and rear doors, garage doors, garden cabanas, utility rooms, and workshops, the lockset automatically relocks each time the door closes. The 6000 Series easily replaces standard 21/8" (54mm) bore cylindrical locksets.

The 7000 Series pushbutton lock provides convenient auxiliary indoor/outdoor protection for commercial and residential applications. This lockset can be mounted above existing primary locksets or used alone. The standard model is equipped with a deadbolt (manual relock) and a saw-resistant, hardened-steel insert. Deadlocking latch models with automatic relock are also available.



Cobra by Schlage
is an architecturally designed programmable locking system. This attractive, battery-powered electronic cylindrical lockset is ideal for new construction or retrofit applications where aesthetics are important and program flexibility at the lock is critical. 



Unican Mechanical Locksets
(1000 series, EE1000 series, L1000 series)

1000 Series locksets are the best choice for limiting access to high-traffic, security-sensitive areas in commercial institutional, and industrial buildings. These locks are ideal for locations with high personnel turnover rate, such as data processing centers, employee entrances, hospitals, and R&D labs.

The EE1000 Series are entry/egress locksets that provide the same pushbutton access control as the 1000 Series, but on both sides of the door. Each side accepts an independent code. This lock is the perfect solution for airports between departure lounge and jetway, police station holding rooms, or any situation where two-way door security is required.

L1000 Series locksets combine the features of the 1000 Series with ADA-compliant lever handles to provide accessibility for the disabled. This lock is ideal for high-frequency use in hospitals, entrances to commercial or industrial buildings, apartments, condominums, washrooms, dormitories, and schools.

These locksets accept the following interchangeable cores: ASSA, I/C Best type, Corbin/Russwin, Dominion Lock, Schlage (including Primus for L1000 only), Medeco/Yale, and Sargent.